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Building on a budget

We all want to have a home that has everything we need, in the right location near all our friends and family. So with moving being too expensive and a hassle, many of us today our opting to stay put and extend our homes or convert our lofts and basements.

So how do we build on a budget?

With over 100s of homes completed and clients satisfied, we are in the privileged position of knowing the best practices of building and renovating to a high standard, health & safety and on a budget.


1.Choose a simple layout: when working with an architect aim for simple layouts like a square extension rather than L shaped extension. foundations, brickwork and roofing are the most costly parts of any extension or a new build, so choosing a simple layout will bring the costs down.

2. Order the materials yourself: even though it may be more hassle this is one section where clients can save money. A builder will charge a fee on top of the costs of the material plus they may also go to builders merchant they know who don't always have the best price. Get the builders to tell you what you will need and order all of the materials via online as we find that most materials now can be purchased online.

3.Choose the right time: this is often spring just before summer, this allows at least five months for the works without much disruption and good ground conditions. Time is off high importance when building, anytime saved is money saved.

Typical costs of building work in London

Basic quality; £1500 -£2000 per square metre. This will mainly be basic build, no sky lights, no fancy brickwork, no spotlights etc...

Good quality; £2000-£2300 per square metre. This will usually include the above.

High quality; £2300-£2700 per square mere. This could be anything a client would desire, from bifold doors, self opening velux windows, underfloor heating etc...

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